Choosing The Right Longline Bras For You

Tradition Longline Bras are very long, hug the body very tight and are quite thick in their construction. Today’s bras can be much different. There are many different designs. Some are still full length, with others only a few inches longer than a common underwire bra. The longer the bra though the more benefits there are for posture, slimming and upper support.
Lets have a look at each three of these aspects.

Longline Bras Slimming Advantage

When you wear a longline bra that runs down your torso towards your hips you get full coverage. This can also mean if the bra is tight and well supported it can pull in your tummy and “love handles”. It can also smooth out these lines and give you the esteemed hourglass shape if desired. This was the role of the traditional colonial corset for all those years! Longline bras certainly do not have to be that strenuous to put on and lace up though. Wearing that favourite tight dress or top can be made easier with a longline bra pulling in your tummy and torso.

When you choose to go full length though, ensure you get one made from comfortable materials. Most are made from cotton and spandex. Ensure it fits nicely and is smooth against your skin as it will cover your whole torso area. You would not want it to be itchy or grating. The tighter the bra is designed to be worn the thicker and heavy. This could compromise the comfort levels so keep this in mind.

Longline Bras

The Bra That Helps Your Posture

When you wear a longline bra that runs down you rib cage or below you are getting better support. By having the bra run down your lower back this can actually help your posture. The bra supports the weight of your breasts from your torso not just your shoulders. All the weight on your shoulders can promote you to hunch over, especially if you have large breasts. The lower back support means the bra is pushing up from below taking the weight off your shoulders. This
gives great benefits if you wear the bra for extended periods.
What this also means is you don’t have to rely on shoulder straps. These bras can be strapless!
This really opens the possibilities of what you can wear over the top of the bra. All those slinky dresses and cocktail evening outfits are right back on the menu!

Upper Support For Your Bust

Having the bra support your bust from below means it can become a push up bra very easily. This can make your breast easily look bigger without pads or dare we say surgery. Push up longline bras are quite common as they can be strapless. You can show lots of cleavage in the dress of your choosing and not need shoulder straps. More and more wedding dresses are being combined with longline push up bras so the design can be of your choosing. You are not restricted to the
undergarment at all. Some designs have the straps as removable if you do want to wear them.

Due to the more sizes during fitting you have to count for, getting your first one of these bras should be done in a store to ensure you get the correct size and fit. However after that you can shop online in confidence.

One last thing is these bras can be extremely sexy if you choose that design. With more material used on the bra the designs can have lots of colour and lace. As well as thin see through lingerie lace to really increase the tempo of the evening! Your partner will be impressed every time.

Longline Push Up Bra

Have a look at some longline bras that would fit you:

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