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Come and buy a Longline Bra to give you a desired look whether its under you strapless dress or you want to give you bust a little extra lift. The full support provided with a corset type bra could be just what you need to fix your posture and relieve sore backs. You can choose from strapless, lace or a black longline bras. A Longline Strapless bra is the perfect undergarment for a shoulder-less  wedding dress to really show off your shoulders. No matter what your shape or size there will be a longline strapless bra that fits you and makes you feel supported



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Why Would You Choose A Longline Bra?

There are some clear advantages with a longline supportive bra:
-Helps posture with extra torso support
-Enough support to not need bra straps
-Increase of bust with extra push up from torso
-Can pull in your tummy with full length longline
-Strapless bras are perfect for evening dresses or gowns

A longline bralette is quite different to most off the shelf bras. These are longer under the bust so there is more required to get the right size. It is still easy to purchase online with confidence but you have to ensure your measurements are accurate so you can choose the right size.

The longline size range:

From S to XXL
Longline styled bras can be found from small to extra large. These have an increasing demand for the plus sizes also.

Will A longline Bra Fit Me?

The key to ensuring you get a bra that fits is to accurately measure up your sizes before purchasing. Unfortunately every different brand of lingerie seems to have slightly different sizing. This does mean though if you note down your own sizes you can use this for all brands. If its a full length longline that is down to your hips this can be smaller to pull in your tummy. This will give a slimming effect which is usually desirable for women wanting to wear tight clothes.

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