Lace Longline Bra

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Lace Longline Bra

Have you been wondering what to wear under that beautiful new strapless dress that you just bought? Perhaps it’s for a special occasion, like a wedding. On the other hand, maybe it’s just for a special night out with your significant other. Well, in either case, what you need is a lace longline bra for creating a smooth shapely line under your gown or dress.

Is there anything more sexy in lingerie than a sexy lace bra? Sure, but lace longline bras should be something every woman should consider adding to their wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable, but they add perfection to that beautiful, elegant dress you have in your closet and are just dying to wear. But a traditional bra, no matter how pretty, just isn’t as attractive to wear underneath. Women are all about looking good and being comfortable, a lace longline bra is a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

A lace longline bra will give you the support you need and, as an additional perk, your back and shoulders will get extra support. Furthermore the weight of your breasts is redistributed and you stand up straighter. And, a strapless longline bra can also be combined with a longline push up bra for the perfect style statement. Furthermore this is highlighted when wearing a low-cut dress. Don’t hide that beautiful cleavage when you can show it off.

Dress To Impress

Are you nervous about making an impression at that office corporate party? The dreaded 10-year high school reunion? Your first date with the guy you have had a secret crush on for a year? A night out with the girls painting the town red? Your bachelorette party, or even on the ‘big day’ itself?. So, don’t worry about what you’re going to wear under that strapless top or dress when you can choose one of our many stylish lace longline bras right here. The assortment is so beautiful and so varied, you may have a difficult choice on your hands. But, we’re confident that you will find that perfect strapless longline bra right here and be as stylishly ready for that special occasion as you can possibly be.

Show Off Your Lace Longline Bra

The best part about lace bras is that they are something you want to show off. Some dresses are even designed to have the top of the lace bras visible. A cocktail dress is sometimes designed to have the top rib of the bra exposed just to show the lace. The lace may be a different colour or can be the same colour and look like part of the dress.

Lace longline bras could be one of the most comfortable of the longline range. They feel silky and sexy under your evening dress or wedding gown. So whether you are opting to show it off, or keep it hidden underneath, you can feel the sultry little piece of lace molding to your body is right there providing you with an edge of excitement. Feeling gorgeous is important especially if you are out to impress!

When wearing one beneath that special dress you can check off your list a few things like support, shapeliness, cleavage, and support for your back and shoulders. Isn’t that what every woman wants? They offer the support you need up front, as well as the support you’ll have for your back and shoulders due to their design. Lace longline bras also help your shape to be smooth and stunning because of their design. If you want to show off a little cleavage, they can help you do that also, why hide it? It’s time to let a lace longline bra give you the comfort, support, and elegance you need.

Lace Longline Bra

Double Check Your Lace Longline Bra Fit:

Below is a list of things you should not be able to identify with!
If any of these apply to you, your bra is most likely the wrong size. Its probably time to go bra shopping however ensure you know your measurements first!

1. When your longline bra is digging in to your breasts and it makes your bust move around in the wrong areas.

2. The bra underwire is digging into the undersides of your ribcage.

3. The cup is loose and not gently hugging your breasts which is a sign the bra is too big.

4. The rear of your lace bra will not sit comfortably. It keeps slipping down or moving up.

5. You always have to have the lace bra on the smallest fitting hook. Its too big!

6. The cups hug your breasts too tightly, pushing them together creating the “uni-boob” image or there is too much spillage over the cups, then the you’re probably wearing a cup size too small.

7. The sliders are adjusted all the way to the front yet the straps keep falling off your shoulders.

8. The extended band below the cups is either too tight or too loose while the cup measurement is too loose or too tight respectively. (This would probably a good time to consider visiting a bra-fitter to have one custom-made

If you suffer from any of the above points you need to go bra shopping or as previously mentioned, visit a manufacturer that specializes in custom-tailored lingerie.. A bra should be comfortable and snug. Give you the comfort and support you need. Even a sexy lace longline bra should feel natural and fit perfect if chosen correctly.

Lace Longline Bra

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