Lingerie And Bra Trends Of 2017

Lingerie And Bra Trends Of 2017

Lingerie And Bra Trends Of 2017

Lingerie has changed tremendously for past few decades. Every year, we are introduced to a new trend of lingerie that tends to die off or persist into generations to come. Here are the hottest Lingerie And Bra Trends Of 2017:

Embroidered lingerie

The concept of embroidery is not new but has been a thing predominately seen in usual clothes, not undergarments. However, we have seen plenty of embroidery work in undergarments to produce trendy and sexy lingerie. Embroidered lingerie is now a major undergarment phenomenon of 2017.

Floral appliqués

It is really feminine to go floral. Nothing says “I’m girlish” like little cute flowers strewn all over a garment. It might have been by chance or fashion fanatics may have actually rediscovered the essence of florals in women’s fashion. There have been plenty of bras, bodysuits, and bralettes covered with floral appliqués and it seems to be a trend that might stick a little longer than we may have anticipated.

Floral appliqués Bra

The Multi-Straps

We are used to bras with only two straps. However, a new trend is emerging in which bras have another pair of straps emerging from the middle of the base and extending upwards before joining the traditional straps on the shoulders. They are stylish and sexy.

Multi Strap Bras

White lingerie

Well, white lingerie has been around for a long time but have been predominantly worn by brides. That rule is being broken with the introduction of white lingerie in the mainstream lingerie fashion. Doesn’t white lingerie look hot on the sandy beach in afternoons? I strongly believe so. They make one look flirty.

Sports Bras

If you have watched a women’s tennis match or beach volleyball then you probably know how sports bras look like. A modification of sports bra, however, is hitting the mainstream lingerie fashion with the under-cloth reclining further away from the diaphragm region. They tend to appear like a butterfly with spread wings. Sports bras have been mentioned extensively in Ahh bra reviews and Genie bra reviews, two largest deals of women’s lingerie. Padded bras are becoming similar to sports bras to provide more support during exercise.

Lingerie And Bra Trends Of 2017

Lingerie bodysuit

There arises a time when you want to buy just one piece of lingerie and forget everything else. A sexy version of bodysuit that is popular in 2017 resembles a typical bodysuit but has a long slit that begins at the navel and spreads outwards before ending on bra straps on the shoulder.

Lingerie bodysuit


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Lingerie And Bra Trends Of 2017
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