Longline Bra Strapless

Longline Bra Strapless Description

A long line bra is an undergarment bra that has a deeper length than a normal bra. There are many different types of longline bra strapless. They are designed for all uses from everyday supportive to bridal lingerie. They can be from one inch lower or can run the full length down to the waist or hips. This deep support helps with posture also. The wider band underneath the bra is the section that hugs the waist and hips to shape the support for up top.

Improved Posture Through Longline Bras

The main reason a longline bra is worn with a full length line is to pull the tummy in tight and create the same look as a corset. This helps if the dress you wish to wear for a special occasion or wedding requires a tight waist. The longline bra strapless can also push up your bust for more cleavage without needing straps. This also eliminates the pressure straps put on your shoulders.

With the pressure from your shoulders eliminated you back pain can also be reduced. By holding in your waist it can pull your back straighter and help you stand and sit more upright. The longline bra can also push your breasts up so relieve back pain also.

Longline Bra Sizing

Make sure you take extra time with sizing when purchasing this type of bra as there are several measurements required. As well as the standard cup and chest size, you also need your hip and waist sizes. You also may need two different sizes if your weight fluctuates slightly month to month. This is normal for some people. Different styles can also be brought for different gowns and dresses.

Longline Bra Strapless

Longline Strapless Bra

Longline Bra Strapless

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