Longline Bra In Your Wardrobe

Why You Need a Longline Bra In Your Wardrobe

Do you stand or sit for a long period of time in a day, do you want more support for a strapless bra or have a big tummy? The solutions can lie with longline bras, they give more comfort for your torso and can support and even push up your bust for more cleavage

The Longline bra uk are an extended bra with a wide band that covers down to the waist or hips, they come in different lengths but all extend beyond regular bras, the wide band provides more support than normal regular bras.
They are designed for several functions, they act as smoothers for torso and stomach, they eliminate bumpy and rough spots, in addition to these, they create good posture by providing back support hence eliminating back and shoulder pain on women.
They give fuller look and deeper cleavage to women by pushing the torso upwards because of the greater bust support.

Who Could Wear A Longline Bralette

• Women who want stomach shaping
• Brides with shoulder-less wedding gowns
• Women with bigger bust that need extra support
• Women who need more support but need a strapless longline bra.
• Some women who develop shoulder and back pain with regular bra’s while sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Advantages Of Longline Bras

• Feel better – More so to women who sit or stand for long periods in a day.
• Focused support – Allows support for specific areas such as tummy, shoulder blades, and lower back.
• Clothes fit better – It does this by supporting the bust and reducing the tummies.
• Smooth lines – Eliminates the bumps from the neck downwards
• Two in one – Combines bra and shape wear, hence work to boost women with their shaping and bust support.
• Colors available – If you require many different colors in a longline bra black for example is very common as well as red and beige


To size longline bras is slightly more difficult than regular bras because it must fit your bust, waist and possibly hip line too. While buying these bras one should consider them whether for firm control or for comfort. Firm control will sit fairly tight and snug and push us the bust more. If you need a longline bra for day comfort you would choose a more supple design that has more flexibility.

Longline Bra

Longline Bra In Your Wardrobe

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