Longline Push Up Bra

Longline Push Up Bra For Support and Style

The longline push up bra offers impressive support and style. Its many features make it the perfect bra for many occasions, allowing women to easily transition to a strapless shoulder bare dress or shirt with having all the required support from the bra.

As you can imagine, these bras offer more support because they run deeper under the bust. Some of these bras run all the way down to the hips. More importantly, they can offer a tight fit on the abdomen and pull the stomach in. This can contribute to smoother lines and better clothing fit. By adding the push-up feature for sleek, sexy cleavage, it all comes together to create an inviting look. Here are a few key features that make the longline push up bra a great choice:

Three Part Bra

The three part bra offers added support under the bust and around the back. The two breast cups lift the bust while the middle material adds support. The longer line spreads the load from the weight of breasts being pushed up. This contributes to much more comfort if you are wearing the bra for extended periods. The added material also helps to pull the waist line in, creating more of an hourglass look.

Added Longline Boning

The added boning along the sides and in the front contribute more structure. This helps to create smoother lines. It also helps to eliminate bunching, allowing clothing worn over the top to lay smoothly against the contours of the body, creating sleek lines. The overall effect is a more form-fitting appearance.

Push-up Padding

The longline push up bra padding creates the look of larger cleavage by lifting breasts into a more flattering position. This allows for clothing options with a lower neckline. It also helps to fill in space in that perfect shirt or blouse to achieve the perfect fit.

All in all, these bras are very versatile. These are the most common type of bra use for weeding dresses that have no shoulder straps. There are very few instances where they would not be a great choice. If you haven’t tried one yet, you may want to finally give the longline push up bra a go. They are well worth the investment.

Longline Push Up Bra

Longline Push Up Bra

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