Longline Push Up Bra

Longline Push Up Bra

Thinner Tummy And Full Support With A Longline Push Up Bra

Do you need a boost to your bust line? Do you need some extra cleavage?
The first choice many women go to is bra inserts or “fillets”. This is not the only option as a push up bra can get much better results. This is also a little more natural especially if someone else may be taking the bra off for you!
A Longline Push Up Bra can also be strapless so you don’t have all the weight digging into your shoulders.

A simple truth is that not all women are not happy with the size of their breasts and sometimes consider options such as breast augmentation or inserts to place in their bras. Those ladies with smaller breast sizes often look for ways to improve their sizes, but surgery or padding fillers do not have to be the only option to choose from. Why not purchase a longline push up bra instead? Push up bras give the illusion of larger breasts and sexier cleavage, so it makes much more sense doesn’t it?

Not only is it safer than spending thousands of dollars of a surgical procedure to enhance your small breasts, but it’s much more attractive especially when you aren’t the only one removing the bra. But why purchase a longline push up bra? Well, let’s examine the reasons:

They offer support
Longline push up bras aren’t only sexy, they offer support for your back. Furthermore there is also enhanced support for your breasts and bust that you seek. But wait, there is more…

Tummy tucking
Due to their construction, longline push up bras can help you safely tuck your tummy in for that special outfit you want to wear and push up those beautiful breasts. They can be cinched to tighten, similar to the corsets of days gone by. Oh wait, again there is more…

Stylish and sexy
What more could you ask for? Longline push up bras are both sexy, stylish, and let’s not forget, functional for every day use just like a traditional bra. They usually come in two common styles, a longer one for a wedding dress or a tight, elegant piece. Or you can get them a little shorter, just a few inches below the breasts so that they do not offer the tummy tuck attribute.

Construction Of A Longline Push Up Bra

The longer length of the bra is what gives the support needed to push the breasts up for more cleavage and bust.
The bra sometimes has whats called boning or support lines down the side to keep the bra upright and shaped. Furthermore this also ensures the bra keeps smooth lines and is well hidden under your outfit. All this extra support can also aid your posture and relieve common back pain. The cups and underside of the bra remain fairly standard to retain comfort. Being a push up bra the cups are sometimes low cut so will not show on more revealing outfits.

Pull In Your Midsection

Being a longline bra, you can select the middle lower part of the longline bra to be tight so you can pull in your midsection and abdomen . This is perfect for a wedding dress or fancy cocktail dress with a small waist area. With this pulling in your tummy it provides even better support above and will remain in place during the afternoon and evening. There is little chance it can drop.

Two Styles Of Longline Push Up Bras

Longline push up bras usually come in two styles you can choose from. There is the super-steady, long length bra that are particularly designed to be worn under wedding outfits and other uncommon event designs. They hug the tummy and can improve the shape of the mid section. They run all the way down to the hips. Vertical boning conveys that coveted “hourglass” shape that ladies need under provocative dresses. These styles that reach down to the abdomen and lower give both molding and soundness.

Longline Push Up Bra

The second style is the shorter long line bra only a few inches under the bust. These are close to a standard bra but still have a lower extension. They are most cost effective however do not provide as much of a push up effect. They rely on the bra straps to take the majority of the weight. Furthermore most longline push up bras extend 2-3″ underneath the bustline. The more the bra extends down the easier it is to wear a strapless style to show off your shoulders and upper back.

Many styles include removable straps for strapless bra looks. The longline push up bras with cross over straps help pull the bra in tight and push up the breasts. Underwire glasses create an adjusted, lifted shape for cleavage; remote glasses are designed to include frilly balconette’s.

Whatever style longline push up bra you choose, you’re sure to fall in love with all that they offer.

Longline push up Bra


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