Features Of A Longline Strapless Bra

Black Longline Push Up Bra

Special Features of Longline Strapless Bras

A Longline bra is a type of bra worn by women that has a corset which is partial and runs down to the height of the rib cage. There are also longline bras that can extend right down to the hips. These types of bras are different from the regular bras in so many ways. Mainly we have two major types of longline strapless bra: the one with straps and the strapless.
Most women prefer the bras to other regular bras because of a few specific reasons:

Strapless And Bare Shoulder Bra

When you need your shoulders showing and need to wear a strapless bra a longline bra can be of help. Some strapless bras do not provide enough support and slip down after time. Because the longline has so much support under the bust area it will not slip down. This ensures your dress can be worn with confidence with you shoulders showing.

Light Metal Bones

The longline bras have a special kind of bone that runs from the sides of the bra to the front.
The bones helps the bra to so support the burst perfectly and also making it comfortable when its worn. Some have a solid bone while some just have more support sewn into the fabric.

Acts As A More Reliable Push Up Bra

There are not many women who do not want a bra that pushes her bust up to give that full look, the longline push up bra does exactly that. These push up bras can also have additional pads in them that adds even more lift to those women who have smaller breasts. Even if you have a modest bra size a longline pushup bra can give enough support to make you bust seem a lot fuller and give more cleavage. Because of the long length of the drop the pressure pushing up your bust is more evenly spread so less chance of it dropping back down

Hooks For Closures

These kind of bras have hooks to firmly fasten them together. They are mostly found at the back or side of the bra.The hooks are fairly firm that no lady should worry about any embarrassment associated with it coming undone. Some longline bras have those hooks at the front, though on rare cases.

Longline Strapless Bra Sizes

These types of bras comes in many different sizes. We have those for the plus size women and the small bodied women. The fit has to be sized for two parts of the body. It has to be the right size firstly for your bust size like any normal bra. It also has to be sized for your rib area if its a shorter longline or your ribs and stomach area if full length longline bra.

Stomach Smoother’s

Longline strapless bra are all smoother’s, they always give women that even look from the front side of their bodies. There are many reason why you might want to pull the stomach in or smooth it over. Giving birth or a little added weight might be reasons a longline bra could help. These can all be hidden or eliminated with these longer length bras as they can be sized to pull it in. Most women with bigger tummies have recorded a positive result after using the longline strapless bras.

Good Posture

Because of their boning support design nature, most of these bras help to hold your back straighter. They offer a slight back brace effect but still remain flexible enough not to cause discomfort. In fact they are even used by women who have given birth and experienced back pains as side effects.

This is a Multiple use Bra for many occasions

Longline Strapless Bra

Features Of A Longline Strapless Bra

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