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Longline Strapless Bra

Longline Strapless Bras

Longline strapless bras are the perfect solution for those evening gowns or cocktail dresses that have no shoulder straps. You definitely want your shoulders and upper back exposed. You do not want bra straps ruining that. There are many strapless bras available however they do not give enough support to your bust. This is especially important to women with larger breasts. You cannot have a bra that would slide down during the evening and give no support

Longline Strapless Bras Support

The beauty of a longline bra is that it extends down below your bust line and hugs your stomach to give support to your bust. This way it can remain a strapless bra but also can be a longline backless strapless bra. This really opens up the range of dresses you can wear. It makes shopping much more exciting knowing you can wear anything!

Pull In Your Tummy

When you wear a full length longline bra that extends right down to the hips, the support of the breasts is the most important feature. However another side benefit is that the bra can be designed to pull in your tummy at the same time. This is then acting the same a an older style corset. Many wedding dresses and big gowns have an hour glass look so this might be essential to have. Once pulled in tight it will give you a plush trim look from your waist to your rib cage. This longline bra can essentially do two things well.

A Proper Longline Bra Fit

An awesome fitting long line bra which is constructed as a three piece design. With light and adaptable padding that molds from under the bust all the way down the abdomen for a smooth shape without adding to your waist line.
A shorter long line bra shape, the depth and support is less in length running down the stomach. This will not matter at all if you are walking around and are active during the day.
When choosing a longline with an additional wide and deep band it can be worn quite tight. It can hug the abdomen to pull in the tummy which also can aid posture if you sit all day or bend your back.

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