Playtex Longline Bras

Choosing Playtex Longline Bras

Playtex longline bras are becoming more common in recent times. The range of bras when choosing for many women center around comfort, but a large factor is the seamless support of the longline design. However, many women have never owned a longline bra so deciding on the style and size can be difficult at first. Buying a longline bra is similar to buying anything else – learn what the differences are, measure your own sizes and shop for the right fitting bra.

Decide on Your Styles and Bra Shape

Are you searching for a comfortable posture bra, sexy lingerie, or maybe a plus size bra for added support? Do you need a strapless bra or with straps, a front or rear closure, or non at all, a full exposed backless bra? Do you have a favorite fabric or pattern you like to wear? Research the options and make a list of what you need.

Consider Your Body Shape

If you have a large body shape, you might consider a full longline model with straps. This would help provide full support of your bust. Another option is a freya posture bra with support panels in the bust area. If your breasts are smaller, a longline pushup bra could fit more snugly while also improving your bust size.

Correct Bra Sizing

When you wear the bra, ensure the bra strap is not too tight and putting added weight on the shoulders, also not loose yet firm. A poorly fitted strap can be very annoying long term when it rolls off or digs in. For the actual cup size fitting, it should feel natural, not fold in (too big). Your breasts should not roll over the top either(too small and too tight). When you have the bra sitting in the correct position one way to ensure the height is right is the center join of the bra should lie across your breastbone.

Test Bra Sizing With Sample Clothing

Once your bra arrives in the mail or when you are getting fitted, try and wear the clothes you intend to wear over the bra. This is especially important if you are buying playtex longline bras for a specific purpose ie a wedding dress or formal evening gown. This will help you simulate how bra feels and moves under your clothing.

Online Bra Shopping

You can also just enter in the bra or lingerie model number into your search filter and the shopping options will come up. In conclusion determine your needs, ensure it fits comfortably, and get the best deal you can. We hope this article was useful in helping you find a Playtex longline bra.

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Playtex Longline Bras

Playtex Longline Bras
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