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The Genie Bra A Girls Best Friend Testimonial

Hi friends I want to share with you about my new found treasure: The Genie Bra. I was so happy to have found them and fell in love with it at the first sight. Genie Bras offers you the best comfort , always close to one’s heart, holds you carefully,and never lets you down. I was so amazed that I want to share with you friends about my new found love.

Having experimented with many brands and when I lost hope of finding a good one, I stumbled upon this magic Genie that fulfilled my wish. Genie Bras are so comfortable, fits perfectly that made me literally forget that I was wearing one. Previously I had to keep on adjusting as the other brands made me so uncomfortable and making me feel embarrassed in public. I wore an underwired Freya longline bra for a long time. Thanks for saving me.

High Quality Comfortable Material

The material used is of very high quality and skin friendly. Doesn’t cause an itchy feeling. Size is not an issue. Custom fit are available. The unique feature of Genie Bras is the material used is a stretchable one and perfectly blends with your body giving the best look you have never dreamt of. No more boring dull colors, the vibrant colors available makes you look like a trendy princess. The lovely lace trim adds a subtle beauty to it.

Wanted it padded, non-padded or with cups anything there’s always one made specially for you. The Genie Bras goes perfectly with any costume. I love wearing it with my T-shirt, doesn’t show the traces high lightened putting an end to my awkwardness.

You can add a sparkle to your special moments with gene lace bras. These lace in the Genie Bra are sure to enhance your sexiness. Genie Zip Bra has a front Zip enhancing it’s cool look. Cute printed bras are available to those who love them. Nude shades are available to those who doesn’t love bright shades.

This Genie bras are definitely a true friend that doesn’t lets you down.

You all would praise Genie if you start wearing it!

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The Genie Bra
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