White Longline Pushup Bra

White Longline Push Up Bra

What Is A Push Up Bra?

The White Longline Pushup Bra is just one of the dozens of variations of women’s brassieres, or more popularly known as bras. An older description in French translates literally as “throat-supporter” or bust supporter. Vogue magazine first published this term in 1907.

The longline bra, however, came later around the 40’s and 50’s when pin-up girls became famous. It then slowly lost its appeal in the 60’s and 70’s when bolder designs with less ‘coverage’ were made available. In 1964, Canadian Louise Poirier opened our eyes to the wondrous Wonderbra, the world’s first official pushup bra. The White Longline Pushup Bra was back and being worn by thousands again. It was considered elegant under an evening gown or wedding dress.

What Is The Best Push Up Bra?

The most popular and best longline bras are the medium to full length bras that pull in the tummy and torso to give a thinning effect. This also gives you some stability and better posture as its holds your whole torso firm and supported.

White Longline Push Up Bra

The Evolution Of The Extreme Boost Bra

The longline category of brassieres has material that extends downward from the cups and band, covering the
upper torso and stopping at the waist or hips, giving it the “conservative” appeal. And when it comes in white, it has that almost virginal effect to it. That is why brides all over the world have opted to use a white longline as a staple in their bridal wear, especially in the Victorian times. The vintage fad has helped immensely in re-introducing the longline bra to women’s wardrobe. Whether it comes in silk, satin or lace, this form-fitting creation stands out either by itself or as an undergarment. Built with the right amount of boning and wiring within the fabric used, it was made to provide maximum support for bustier women. The genius way it evenly distributes the weight of ones breasts to the longline’s shoulders, back and waist is truly something else.

Push Up Bra Set

Now just imagine the ideal support AND the realistic lift that a Boost Bra presents, making even smaller breasts look larger than they actually are. Then add in the bottoms or panties to go with the bra. The Push Up Bra Set is a popular purchase. You can have a great push up bra and match it with the panties so for the special night out you are the whole package. It creates the right amount of cleavage-spillage up top while enticing mysteriously down below.

What Is A Longline Bra and What is A Padded Push Up Bra?

Now you may begin to wonder, how can you tell a long line from a “Padded Push Up Bra” or a “corset”? Don’t
they all look the same? The answer is quite simple. Purpose sets each of them apart. We can go into a whole
other discussion of history, design and comparison but instead I leave you dear readers with these three easy to remember tips. A Padded Push Up Bra is meant to boost the breasts; a corset to cinch and tighten the waist; and a longline bra merely has extended fabric for better posture and breast support.
But please make sure that whatever you go for, you choose it with the exact size and fit for your own personal use. Some designers can even customize them. We wouldn’t want those wires poking in the wrong places, do we?

Choose wisely but give it a go to feel the comfort of a well fitting longline bra

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White Longline Pushup Bra

White Longline Pushup Bra
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